DokuWikis Syntax kann durch Plugins erweitert werden. Wie die einzelnen Plugins benutzt werden, steht auf deren Beschreibungsseiten. Die folgenden Plugins sind auf dieser DokuWiki Installation verfügbar:

Möglicherweise Interessante Erweiterungen



  • columns: Arrange information in multiple columns
  • command: Easily create custom syntax commands.
  • layout: Positioned block elements and styling for ad-hoc layout, columns etc.
  • pagetemplate: Link syntax copies existing page to new page at creation.

mal anschauen:

  • autolink: automatische Verlinkung? http://wiki.splitbrain.org/plugin:autolink2
  • btable: Helps to note the attendance of people for meetings or courses.
  • chat: AJAX chat plugin
  • composer: Creates a single page from a chosen directory. All files are included, so that you are able to print it or save it as single page.
  • deflist: Adds definition lists to DokuWiki's syntax.
  • dir: Show content of current namespace, including sub namespaces and/or parent/sibling namespaces, in a table or list.
  • embed: This plugin allows to embed wikipages seamlessly into another page. In addition, parts marked with the label plugin can be replaced.
  • gtd GTD (Getting Things Done) Plugin: This plugin implements a nice formatted easy to use todo list following the principles of GTD
  • captcha: Use an image verification (CAPTCHA) to defeat spambots
  • task: Integrates a simple task management tool into your wiki